Operating Reactors

Over the last 30 years, Energy Research, Inc. has been involved in various capacities in numerous R&D and technical support activities worldwide. Energy Research, Inc. continues to support U.S. and European organizations in areas including:

  • Regulatory review and evaluation studies
  • Regulatory guidelines development
  • Nuclear reactor safety
  • Nuclear reactor dynamics and physics
  • New reactor design and concept assessment
  • Radiological dose assessment
  • Resolution of severe accident issues
  • Probabilistic risk analysis
  • Environmental hazard assessment for reactor and non-reactor nuclear systems
  • Accident consequence modeling and assessment of emergency planning strategies
  • External events analysis
  • Deterministic accident analysis
  • Computer code development, experimental assessment, and application of specialized codes to complex systems
  • Heat transfer and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • On-line and off-line diagnostics methods for application to complex reactor systems
  • Training and infrastructure development
  • Infrastructure reviews
  • Database development
  • Facility inspections, plant walkdown and site audit reviews
  • Information technology and software development
  • Performance indicators and assessment of organizational safety culture
  • Peer review of complex issues
  • Support in policy formulation and implementation guidelines
  • Support in regulatory assessment of Technical Specifications for operating reactors

In addition, in 2014 Energy Research, Inc. was awarded two additional multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts by the NRC to provide support in all aspects of nuclear reactor safety and regulations including operating reactors, research and test reactors, and environmental assessment studies. On-going activities under this contract includes review of modifications to Technical Specification for operating nuclear power plants.