Research and Test Reactors

Energy Research, Inc. is involved in activities sponsored by the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulations, by providing expertise for the evaluation and review of the License Renewal Applications (LRAs) using the NRC's streamlined review process.

Examples of activities include support for the evaluation of the following reactor facilities:

  • Reed College Reed Research Reactor
  • University of Utah Nuclear Reactor
  • US Geological Survey Research Reactor
  • Dow Chemical
  • University of Texas (Austin)
  • University of Missouri-Columbia Research Reactor (MURR)
  • Rhode Island Atomic Energy Commission Research Reactor (RIAECRR)
  • Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Reactor (AFRRI)
  • University of Florida Training Reactor (UFTR)
  • University of Maryland Training Reactor (MUTR)
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology Test Reactor
  • University of California–Davis/McClellan Nuclear Research Reactor

The work on RTRs includes independent regulatory review, development of models, and performance of confirmatory calculations using various computer codes (e.g., RELAP5, TRACE, etc.). The regulatory evaluation areas include:

  • Reactor physics
  • Safety analysis
  • Technical specifications
  • Radiation protection and health physics
  • Testing and operational issues.

In addition, Energy Research, Inc. is developing the technical basis for the Delft Research Reactor (The Netherlands), by developing models and performance of analyses using the MCNP-CINDER Monte Carlo computer code.